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Fortune Cookie

It was an unconventional meeting, Andrea thought. She tried to piece the puzzle together to form a coherent reason on why Richard came up to her in the bar that evening weeks ago. She was scheduled to deliver a classified information to her boss. But this man was keeping her from leaving the restaurant.

They only knew each other for a few weeks, while she worked in the IT company in Boston that manufactured state-of-the-art computer chips that could trigger a weapon. Being a corporate spy, she was tasked to find out the secret codes that comprised the new chip. This chip would be entrusted to the Homeland Security Department. This was no ordinary chip. If her group would obtain the information before the government does, it would mean a control towards the Nebula Satellite, which was created to get the instruction to aim a high-powered missile towards a programmed destination. The information cost money. She needed that money.

But she had to get rid of this man first.

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