The Sunday Currently

I’m currently enjoying my monthly mental break, the time where I spent the day doing nothing and absolutely everything that I can think of, except work. It has been five months since I decided to start doing it. I have lots of vacation leaves that were not used since I did not have the chance to go home and visit my family during this pandemic period. And since I work-from-home full time, I need this kind of break to enjoy myself in different kinds of self-care. That also includes limiting myself from going online. Usually, I am found curled up in my sofa reading a book or coloring or sketching, or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, or walking outside. It’s therapeutic.


Reading.  Another history book. Yes, I still have lots pending in my bookshelf.

Writing. None at the moment. I might this week. I have lots of time.

Listening. The stillness of the night. It’s curfew time. They say that when the lockdown ends, they will consider moving the curfew at a later time, perhaps 9pm. I hope so. But I hope for a better situation for all of us against this virus. There’s so much suffering all over the world right now. 

Smelling. Cinnamon oatmeal cookies that I just baked. Miam miam!

Wishing. For this pandemic to be over. For the vaccines for my family and friends. That everything will be fine soon.

Hoping. secret.

Wearing. It’s getting warmer. The warm jammies have already been set aside 😛

Loving. The weather. I love spring, even when I’m allergic to pollen. Everything is coming back to life, and it makes me hopeful this year that we’re going to be in better circumstances.

Needing. Drink more water. I stopped buying wine and soda for now, until I got my turn to have a vaccine. It’s a promise to myself. I need it because I know that I’m not healthy enough, plus I would like to travel back home to visit my family, and getting it will make my journey stress-free.

Feeling. Sleepy, I guess. I cleaned the apartment today (even when I also did it last week. LOL!) I checked my plants and re-planted some today, too. So, I think it’s time to rest.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

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