The Sunday Currently

I just got home from an impromptu dinner with a dear friend. I went to her to get some insights in my current situation and she also shared with me some of her experiences. It was all inspiring and insightful, and after a very good meal of osso buco and risotto (my first time, actually!), I went home ready to call it a day and rest.

This morning, I went to the mountains with some friends. I forgot what is it called. I may have to check the photos later to see the details. But all in all, the hike was great, I had a good time and I had a good view of the coast.


Reading. I forgot what is the title but I have a book currently reading right now, and the story was set in the Regency era.

Writing. Nothing, at the moment.

Listening. Nothing. It was all quiet inside my apartment right now and the street outside is void of any noise.

Smelling. I cannot describe what that smell is but it seemed to smell like fresh laundry. 🙂

Wishing. To go home and visit the family. But of course, with the pandemic, it’s not possible right now.

Hoping. With the situation I am in right now, I would be able to get what I aim to do this week.

Wearing. Shorts and shirt, even when it’s 15c outside.

Loving. To sleep. I had a long day.

Needing. To clear my mind with a lot of things right now. My work and my personal life.

Feeling. Anxious. Too many life-changing decisions that I have to make this week.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

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