The Sunday Currently

I turned off the heating yesterday but only have to turn it on again today because it’s raining and a bit colder. The windows in my kitchen fogged up 🙂 It’s one of those lazy (it’s always like this) Sundays where you just want to curl up on your bed with a good book and hot choco on the side.


Reading. A new novel by Jayci Lee

Writing. I just finished writing A Guide to Moving Abroad after a few days since watching Emily in Paris. That series is unrealistic, but since we all need a different entertainment these days, just go and watch, haha.

Listening. The pitter patter of the falling rain in my balcony.

Smelling. Lemon. I’m going to make a custard cake for my friend’s birthday dinner tonight.

Wishing. To go home and visit the family. But of course, with the pandemic, it’s not possible right now.

Hoping. For a calm week ahead. But I have a new challenge this week, so we’ll see…

Wearing. Shorts and shirt, even when it’s 14c outside and raining.

Loving. To just curl up in my bed and hide under the covers. We have such a cozy weather today!

Needing. To make that butter in room temperature now, lol

Feeling. Excited to see a couple of my friends today.

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

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