The Sunday Currently

Finally, it’s October. We got three months left before it’s 2021. We had a rough year and everyone is looking forward to the new year. It’s the hope of new things, overcoming challenges, even when we know that what we’re going through is not done yet. But it’s human nature to hope, to have something to look forward to.

Last Friday, the southern region of France and some parts of Italy have been devastated by the Storm Alex, and right now, I’m just checking out the clothes and warm blankets that I could give away to those who need. I have enough to be comfortable in this winter season. Meanwhile, some of these people in my adoptive country, France, need it. I remember when the Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines in 2013. Me and my family had come together to help out, went to a seminary with our donations and also helped in packing the relief goods. It is at times like these that we go down to the basics of our humanity and simply reach out and help. We’re all brothers and sisters and the world would be a better place if we keep on doing this, and you know, even without the cause of a disaster. One of the simple philosophies that I live by every day is to be kinder and how I can contribute to my community.


Reading. A new novel with a Victorian-era theme.

Writing. Not today.

Listening. The pitter patter of the falling rain in my balcony. (Reminds of the song by The Cascades)

Smelling. The scent of my hair, hahaha! I experimented some hairstyles using my scarves, so I’m smelling the shampoo in my hair 🙂

Wishing. To go home and visit the family. But of course, with the pandemic, it’s not possible right now.

Hoping. For a calm week ahead.

Wearing. Shorts and shirt, even when it’s 15c outside and raining.

Loving. There is this series The Chef Show by Jon Favreau on Netflix. I love watching people cooking, it’s inspiring to see different techniques, and I also wished to have a food business someday. It’s all because I love eating 🙂 Earlier, I just finished watching Emily in Paris. It’s simple, crazy, exaggerated, fun, and I have a love/hate relationship with it (when is Season 2? Haha) … Living in France for a few years now gave me a little perspective and the series is just those I described above. LOL.

Needing. To cook a vegetable side dish today, but it’s Sunday. Like I always say, we’re entitled to get lazy today.

Feeling. The urge to get myself that Kenwood or Bosch multi-functional machine is strong! But I don’t think I need it yet. So, here I am, just harvested some of my salad greens to occupy my mind off from that urge, haha 🙂

The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton.

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