Blog Post Challenge

Real life has taken over for the past weeks since I last posted anything here. I go to social media only every now and then just to check on family and friends’ posts, but other than that, I occupied myself with work (things have been really in the office right now and I’m grateful), writing a book, reading some and trying to get back to arts.

I recently downloaded Pinterest, too, just to check on ideas for interior decorations. I just acquired another property back home and I had these many ideas on how to make it look homely. My parents were taking care of it, but being away from them (and did not have anything else to do right now but stay here in Europe due to the pandemic), I amused myself in looking at those beautiful kitchen designs. I love cooking and I love spending time coming up with something delightful to put on the table.

And then I came across this idea of blog post challenge from the Life without Dressing website. This is only one among the other challenges that got me thinking about trying to put more content here in my blog other than where I went or what I cooked, haha. Let’s see. It will come in no particular order and perhaps, I will post it on schedule. 🙂

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