Lost and Found

Oscar almost stumbled as he rushed towards the study room where his friends converged for a weekly meeting. Everyone turned when he burst into the door.


One of them, Julian, the Marquess of Willsbur, walked up to him. “Is there anything wrong?”

“I bet you didn’t hear yet about the palace statement today.” Phones were strictly not allowed every time they would meet. For that matter, they were able to finish their discussion on the charity foundations they were supporting and other plans they have as a group of friends.

But today, upon saying that, and noting the urgency in Oscar’s tone, the other five gentlemen in that room took their phones out to check.



“What the…” Norman, the Viscount of Hugh, turned to Oscar.

“Carlos is getting married,” Oscar said, referring to his best friend, the Prince of Kriezig, who was not in the room today.

“To that woman?”

Oscar nodded. He racked his brains, trying to think about the affair that his best friend had with that woman, Mathilde. Nobody knows anything about her except that she’s a shopkeeper and a mother of a one-year-old. Carlos was never secretive about his affairs, but this one surprised them all. They always looked out on each other, especially when it came to women in their lives. As eligible bachelors in the society, they held old titles and immense wealth that were reasons for the opportunists to trap them. And Carlos, being the crowned prince, has a bigger risk for women who only wanted him for his crown.

Oscar shook his head. “I have to talk to Carlos.”

“You can do it now.”

Everyone turned when their friend spoke. Carlos stood in the doorway. He was wearing a formal coat and tie. He probably just came from the traditional photocall after the announcement of his engagement.

“What do you want to talk about?” Carlos came into the room. He smiled at everyone.

“Mathilde, your fiancee.”

Carlos turned to him. “What about her?”

“Are you serious with her? We did not even meet her.”

Carlos frowned. “I deemed you as my best friend, and you’re the last person I expect to say that to me. That’s very insulting, Oscar. You know me better.”

“Who is this woman?” Laurent, the Duke of Mahsrow, dared to ask as well.

Oscar watched his best friend turned around. Everyone has a concerned look. It was not only him. Carlos went through some public scandals before because of his status, and they, as his friends, were being protective of him.

“Mathilde is the mother of my child.”

“That boy is yours?” Oscar was surprised at that.

“To make the long story short, I haven’t seen her in a long while. Realizing that I have a son, an heir, it would only be right to marry the mother to claim my son legally.”

There was silence in the room. Oscar knew that there was something more than this. He could see it in Carlos’ eyes.

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