Fortune Cookie

It was an unconventional meeting, Andrea thought. She tried to piece the puzzle together to form a coherent reason on why Richard came up to her in the bar that evening weeks ago. She was scheduled to deliver a classified information to her boss. But this man was keeping her from leaving the restaurant.

They only knew each other for a few weeks, while she worked in the IT company in Boston that manufactured state-of-the-art computer chips that could trigger a weapon. Being a corporate spy, she was tasked to find out the secret codes that comprised the new chip. This chip would be entrusted to the Homeland Security Department. This was no ordinary chip. If her group would obtain the information before the government does, it would mean a control towards the Nebula Satellite, which was created to get the instruction to aim a high-powered missile towards a programmed destination. The information cost money. She needed that money.

But she had to get rid of this man first.

She watched as Richard droned on and on about the codec that he was supposed to implement but failed because he was called in a meeting about a new project. When he mentioned that, her ears perked up. Maybe, her team needed a new revolutionary chip. She stared at him as he continued to talk.

He’s a handsome man and what she liked most was the way his eyes go into slits every time he would smile at her. His dimples would show off and he would lean down to kiss her. She was lucky, if they were in different circumstances, to have the attention of a man who was both smart, kind and a good lover. He knew how to work on with those long fingers of his and he knew how to make her special. In fact, they celebrated the weeksary of being together in a Chinese restaurant.

She had priorities though. Money over love. The latter would not provide food on the table, but she knew that money could not buy love. She was torn between wanting to stay with this man now, and going for her dream to become rich and powerful.

She glanced at her watch. She would plan about this new chip when she goes to work tomorrow. But right now, she had to see her boss to deliver the chip. “Richard, I’m sorry but I have an emergency. I’d like to call this a night.”

“Wait, let’s crack this thing first.” Richard showed a fortune cookie. “Let’s share the quote and we’ll see what’s in store for us.” Andrea didn’t have time for this but indulged him instead and opened the fortune cookie. She feared that a Chinese quote would give her something that she didn’t really need right now. Glancing at Richard, she saw him sighed deeply. Together, they read the quote.

Do that which your heart tells you.

They stared at each other for a while.

She bit her lower lip. Her heart told her to leave everything behind and start with a clean slate. Meeting Richard put things in a different perspective. His presence made her wish for whitewash fences and daffodils in the garden, kids playing in the backyard and barbecue picnics – not a war that would kill many people.

“C’mon, sweetheart. It’s time to go.” He said quietly and paid for the bill. Andrea stood up and went ahead to get the car from the valet. She was still thinking about what the fortune cookie said. Deep in her thoughts, she didn’t notice Richard coming up behind her. A car stopped in front of them but it wasn’t his. It opened and it revealed a man in a black suit.

To her surprise, Richard took her bag and nodded at the man.

“What are you doing, Richard?” She watched in horror as he rummaged through the contents and found her small brown envelope. He opened it and saw the contents. He nodded once again to the man behind her, who immediately grabbed her hands and cuffed her. She was being recited the Miranda rights.

Do that which your heart tells you,” Richard said, quoting the fortune cookie they had earlier. “I’m sorry, Andrea, but I have a job to do.” He showed her his badge. “FBI.”

“What –“ She was pushed inside the car. She looked at him for one last time, her eyes blurred with tears. The unconventional meeting and the events that followed made it all clear. She was a spy and so was he, but for the government. Richard only shook his head at her as the door closed before her.

So much for choosing the desires of the heart.

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