In the Dog’s Point of View

“Tell me something about her.”

“Huh?” Keira turned to the yellow Labrador beside her. She knew him as Max, the newcomer in this place who brought along his human… she looked at the man, and then to her own human. She smiled. “What’s on your mind?

“Just tell me something about her. Geez!”

“Impatient, are we?” Keira barked. She glanced once again at the humans who were both sitting on the bench. “I’ve been with her since she was ten. I think she was happiest when she eats, and when she listens to music.”

Max looked at her mistress. “And?”

“She has insecurities.” Keira glanced at her mistress, whose look was focused ahead. She had her earphones and she knew that this was her way to avoid people from coming to her and talk to her. Her name was Gia. “But as she grows up and have dealt with several challenges, she was the strongest human I ever met.”

Max laid his head down on the ground, deep in his thoughts. Both he and Keira’s ears perked up when they heard the stomp coming from Max’s human. This one was Arthur. Anyone within the distance could see his frown. He was holding a cane in one hand, while the other hand was tapping impatiently.

“What’s wrong with him?” Keira asked.

“He’s been brokenhearted. He’s been like that since the accident happened, on that day he was supposed to get married.” Max groaned and laid his head back on the ground. “He’s used to smile a lot and laugh out loud. But it disappeared when that woman who looked like my toy duck left him on the day of their wedding.”

“How did you know those things?”

“I was there. I was excited to march because they dressed me up in this black ribbon with two dangling metal things on it. Most importantly, they promised me food.” Max snorted. “I ended up being hungry that day. Everyone forgot about me when my master got into this accident because of the woman duck.”


“I’m not. Look at my master. Life has been harsher to him.” Both dogs turned to Arthur. The Golden Retriever stood up. Arthur turned to her.

“He can see me.” Keira said in surprise.

Max did not say a word. He and Arthur watched as Keira went to the man and sniffed his hands. Gia turned when she felt that her Golden Retriever was not beside her. “Keira?”

Keira walked back to Gia, nuzzling her nose to Gia’s hand.

“I want to know about your human because maybe, she could help bring the smile back to my human.” Max said.

Keira looked at Arthur. There was no longer a frown on his face. It was now turned towards Gia, trying to figure her out. She barked, and went to him and took his hand with her mouth.

“Keira, leave him alone.”

“How did you know I’m a he?” Arthur asked Gia.

“Your scent.” Gia removed the earphones. There was no music playing in there actually. “And when you sat in this bench earlier, there was that certain thump, as if you just don’t care.”

“I don’t need this rehabilitation.” Arthur muttered.

Max and Keira quietly listened as their humans started to have a conversation. Keira went back to sit beside Max. The wind blew softly and she closed her eyes. She heard her mistress spoke. “I said that before, too. But I realized a need to meet people, instead of sulking at home, doing nothing because I can’t.” Gia sighed. “How long have you been blind?”

“I’m partially blind, after an accident almost a year ago.” Arthur muttered. “I hate my life.”

“You’re lucky,” Gia said. “I was born blind. I never knew what the colors are nor what does the sea looks like or what do mountains do that people climbed on it. I never saw the food I eat everyday or the drink I had. I only based it by its taste and smell. But what I knew was that I felt loved. I might not have many friends, but I felt having the love of my family.”

“You’re only saying that because you’ve never experienced seeing things.”

“And you’re too harsh to point that out.” Gia immediately replied. “But you see, I guess that’s the good thing. I get to appreciate life in this state and never took it for granted.”

Keira nodded at Max. “I told you, she’s a great and strong woman.”

Arthur, Max thought, for the first time since he found out that he was partially blind, looked at this woman and did not use only his eyes, but his heart. She was blind all her life and yet, she did not have any reason to curse her life because of her disability. “I’m sorry.” He said.

Gia smiled, causing him to smile back. ”You’re only forgiven if you will start telling me why our dogs kept on barking as soon as you arrived.”

Keira and Max both groaned. But a sweet voice echoed that place at that moment.

It was Arthur’s laugh.

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