An Excursion to Nice

I have two days off from work because I have some expiring holidays this month that I have to use. I don’t know where to go and as I was reading my book of France (it includes some stories, tour guides and maps), I checked how much to spend, what to see and do, the health and safety regulations and I came into a conclusion that, nope, not now. I still cannot go and it made me sad. That would somehow contribute to the local economy but with all the options I’ve had, I cannot go any further than my neighboring towns for now. I’m thinking about where to go and what to do tomorrow, but today, I decided to go to Nice.

It would be my first time to take the train since I returned from my Christmas holidays in the Philippines. It would also be my first time to take the public transportation since the lockdown. Because every time I go out for the past weeks, I always come with friends in their cars. I don’t want to get this virus and make my family worry back at home. It’s also why I rarely go out since the lockdown ended. This trip to Nice was already a big step for me.

At the train station, there are ticketing machines and counters where we can buy tickets. But I opted out on any interactions with anyone or anything so I purchased my ticket on my mobile app. It is guaranteed already and all I have to do is to check which platform the train would stop. The trip from Antibes to Nice took me only around 15 minutes; there were no stops in between. It was a direct train from Antibes station to Nice Ville, right in the heart of the city.

When I reached Nice, I was aware that today, the masks are now obligatory to be worn even outdoors. However, when I went out of the station, there were a few number of people wearing masks and as I went further from the station, I saw less people with masks. I never took mine off, because I don’t want to get sick ( I know my immune system, I can get sick if I become relax with the precautions ) and I don’t want to pay EUR135. So, off I walked. I don’t have any other plans. I just want to go around, but okay, I admit that at the end of my trip, I found a discount on the pair of shoes I was eyeing on the shop’s website and a few stuff that I also bought in a favorite store. 🙂

Before I end my excursion, I dropped by KFC because I have been longing for that spicy hot wings during the lockdown. I even planned to get some when I had my birthday last June but never had the chance. Before I return to the train station, I rewarded myself with a bucketful of spicy chicken and then, went home.

Again, I purchased my ticket again through the mobile app. While I was doing that at the station, there was an announcement of train delays due to some incident that happened in Eze. At least, that’s what I understood from the marquee at the large screen at the station. I took the train that would take me back to Antibes and it was full. But thank God it was only a 15-minute trip for me.

That’s it for me today. I just finished my chicken sandwich that I also bought from KFC and I’m ready to relax for the rest of the day. 🙂

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